Loteria card of a hand with a bar of soap in its palm. Bottom texts reads "LA MANO" (the hand).

And we’re BACK!

THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 19th, we will be reopening to the public. We have spent a week cleaning, re-organizing and re-stocking so we can open FRESH and FULL. We want to keep our community as safe a possible and that is why customers must be wearing a mask to enter the store. If you don’t have…

Katharine’s Review of Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls

My love for Clarissa is so strong it changes the temperature of the air around us — that’s how it feels — which is precisely the thing about losers, the thing that binds us here on Mrs. Vag’s floor, and the thing that will bind us even after we change, grow up, become new people,…

Books for #TransDayOfVisibility

Happy #TransDayOfVisibility — today, and everyday, we are celebrating transgender and non-binary people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by trans people worldwide. Today we are recommending these books for all our customers and hope that you know, even though our store is closed right now due to COVID-19, we are still here for you.

Stuck inside? Catch up on your reading!

Stuck inside for the next few weeks? This is a great chance to catch up on your reading. Self-isolation can have a real impact on your mental health, so treat yourself by getting your hands on one of these books that you can order from us right now. That’s right, even though our physical location…

Volunteer Phoebe’s Review of “I Know You Know Who I Am”

He often found himself looking up in study carrels, bored by the material, and tending to his ever-evolving image, the mirage of himself growing fainter and fainter before disappearing entirely. Who knew what of him? How many times had he existed out there, in others’ minds? In his? I Know You Know Who I Am…

Philly AIDS Thrift Awards Nearly $300,000 in Grants!

We’re so excited to announce that we awarded almost $300,000 to different organizations throughout Philadelphia this year. Read more about it in this week’s Philadelphia Gay News or visit the link below!