March New Releases

Greetings, March! It’s a huge month for queer new releases, from gay scammers to the latest Angela Davis biography (as a comic!) to sapphic tales of deep sea creatures. Take advantage of the warmer weather and take a stroll down to shop these titles as they arrive in store, or order online to get your new favorite book delivered to your door.

We’ll be updating this list throughout the month, so check back for more!

March 7 Releases

Calling all queer ne’er-do-wells! Dream of scamming, scheming, and queering the system with this gay caper.
Sex, drugs, and… unflinching honesty? This vibrant, brave memoir shines a light into dark – yet surprisingly tender – corners of queer life.
Filled with fierce, indulgent trans fantasies, this novel is for those longing for interdimensional intimacy at the edge of reality.
For those who linger in the shifting boundaries between grief, beauty, and monstrosity: queer horror for the literary set.
Mean Girls meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this underdog adventure! The Ojja-Wojja is a romp for misfits and teen demon-hunters alike.
Hey, Greek mythology buffs! Lies We Sing to the Sea is The Odyssey with a lesbian fantasy twist.
For those who loved Wild – finding ourselves and falling in love on the Pacific Crest Trail.
now in paperback!

March 14

For those who know that queer, Black, feminist poetry is a “vital necessity of our existence.”
Taking enemies-to-lovers to a whole new level, this work of historical fiction is for those who know that war is, well, kinda gay.
Desire and danger; hunger and haunting; lust and limbo: this sensuous book is as disorienting as it is erotic.
Life’s tough as a queer teen – but these stark musings will remind you of the poignancy and the beauty in growing up gay.
The Parent Trap meets Clueless – but make it gay!
For those who know that trauma changes you, but not in the ways you expect.
For those who long to dance on the grave of a capitalist world.

March 21

Grief, technology, and identity combine in this puzzle-box of a novel evocative of Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.
A bus accident; a colonial past; a world of boundaries and judgments: Trace Evidence is for queer survivors of all kinds.
For those who have always wondered: what if Lizzie Bennet wrote her own gay ending?
Ever wondered how well you *really* know your big love? What it’d be like to rewrite the story of the person closest to you?
For teens who aren’t afraid to seek out the scariest, secretest answers when everything feels uncertain.

March 24

March 28

For the Pisces sun drawn to the deep – and dark – depths of the water.
For those in search of further evidence that Greek mythology was always, indeed, very gay.
Hey, even powerless Normies can change the world! Pick up Strictly No Heroics to find out how everyday people can make a big, big difference.
What flourishes in the desert at the edge of the world? Into the Light reveals that there’s so much more life there than one might imagine.
Where does revolutionary poetry come from? Psychiatry, poetry, and prophesy combine to give a surprising answer in this rendering of a generational queer poet.