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New Releases

The Bars Are Ours: Histories and Cultures of Gay Bars in America,1960 and After

Lucas Hilderbrand

“Gay bars have operated as the most visible institutions of the LGBTQ community in the United States for the better part of a century, from before gay liberation until after their assumed obsolescence. In The Bars Are Ours Lucas Hilderbrand offers a panoramic history of gay bars, showing how they served as the medium for queer communities, politics, and cultures. Hilderbrand cruises from leather in Chicago and drag in Kansas City to activism against gentrification in Boston and racial discrimination in Atlanta; from New York City’s bathhouses, sex clubs, and discos and Houston’s legendary bar Mary’s to the alternative scenes that reimagined queer nightlife in San Francisco and Latinx venues in Los Angeles. The Bars Are Ours explores these local sites-with additional stops in Denver, Detroit, Seattle, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Orlando, as well as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Texas-to demonstrate the intoxicating, even world making roles that bars have played in queer public life across the country”

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January 30, 2024

Claudia Lavergne Brind-Woody is an American business executive. She is the Vice President and Managing Director of intellectual property at IBM. On January 30th, she will be turning 69. Happy Birthday Claudia

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AI Humanist Blaise Agüera y Arcas presents Who Are We Now? in conversation with Zoe Stoller

Friday, May 3 - 6:00 PM

AI Humanist Blaise Agüera y Arcas will be joining us for a discussion and signing alongside Zoe Stoller!

Blaise Agüera y Arcas is a leading AI researcher, author and CTO of Technology & Society at Google. He is a winner of MIT Technology Review’s TR35 Prize and Fast Company’s Most Creative People Award, as well as a frequent speaker at TED and many other conferences.

His latest book, Who Are We Now?, is a conversation-shifting investigation that recasts how we perceive human identity, and specifically gender and sexuality, in America. Wide-ranging and data-driven, Who Are We Now? is built around a set of surveys Agüera y Arcas conducted between 2016 and 2021, asking thousands of anonymous respondents across the U.S. questions about their behavior and identity. The resulting window into people’s lives is a bit like that of the Kinsey Reports, which scandalized postwar America more than 70 years ago.

With twentieth century heterosexual “normalcy” on the wane, Agüera y Arcas finds that the

landscape today is—in every sense—even queerer. Until the recent past, our human condition was characterized by a struggle to survive and reproduce. In overcoming those Malthusian limits, we’ve strained, and exceeded, planetary limits. Domesticated animals far outweigh wildlife, and many species are in catastrophic decline. Yet today, our own fertility is curbed by choice rather than by premature death.

On the heels of his critically acclaimed 2022 novella, Ubi Sunt, a genre-breaking imaginative work and winner of AIGA’s 50 Books | 50 Covers Award, Who Are We Now? sets the stage for Humanity 2.0, exploring how biology, ecology, sexuality, history, and culture have intertwined to create a dynamic “us” that can neither be called natural or artificial.

This 496-page, visually-rich exploration of human identity contains nearly 130 graphs and hundreds of additional figures. Who Are We Now? will be released in an engaging physical format designed by New Zealand-based James Goggin, as well as in a digital format including rich interactive data visualizations and media. The book is now available via Hat & Beard Editions.

"In his new book, Agüera y Arcas takes on an ambitious survey to learn how the sense of our identities have changed over time. It turns out, we’re way weirder than you would think." — Dan Savage, Savage Lovecast

The event will be moderated by Zoe Stoller!
Zoe Stoller (pronouns: they/she/he) is a queer and non-binary educator, content creator, and licensed social worker based in Philadelphia. Zoe is passionate about spreading LGBTQ+ and mental health knowledge, visibility, and authenticity through the power of social media and community work, and they create and share their own educational LGBTQ+ content on all social media platforms at @ZoeStoller. In her spare time, Zoe loves to play video games, spend time with her dog, and do creative projects (she’s gotten very into ceramics lately!).

Best Seller


Justin Torres

A Most Anticipated Read: The New York Times, The Guardian, Literary Hub, The Rumpus, The Bay Area Reporter, Datebook, Electric Literature, The Stacks, Them, Publishers Weekly

From the bestselling author of We the Animals, Blackouts mines lost histories–personal and collective.

Out in the desert in a place called the Palace, a young man tends to a dying soul, someone he once knew briefly but who has haunted the edges of his life: Juan Gay. Playful raconteur, child lost and found and lost, guardian of the institutionalized, Juan has a project to pass along, one built around a true artifact of a book–Sex Variants: A Study of Homosexual Patterns–and its devastating history. This book contains accounts collected in the early twentieth century from queer subjects by a queer researcher, Jan Gay, whose groundbreaking work was then co-opted by a committee, her name buried. The voices of these subjects have been filtered, muted, but it is possible to hear them from within and beyond the text, which, in Juan’s tattered volumes, has been redacted with black marker on nearly every page. As Juan waits for his end, he and the narrator recount for each other moments of joy and oblivion; they resurrect loves, lives, mothers, fathers, minor heroes. In telling their own stories and the story of the book, they resist the ravages of memory and time. The past is with us, beside us, ahead of us; what are we to create from its gaps and erasures?

Book of the Week

Orlando: A Biography

Virginia Woolf

As his tale begins, Orlando is a passionate sixteen-year-old nobleman whose days are spent in rowdy revelry, filled with the colorful delights of Queen Elizabeth I’s court. By the close, three centuries have passed, and he will have transformed into a thirty-six-year-old woman in the year 1928. Orlando’s journey is also an internal one—he is an impulsive poet who learns patience in matter of the heart, and a woman who knows what it is to be a man.

New Local Releases

Critical Hits: Writers Playing Video Games


A wide-ranging anthology of essays exploring one of the most vital art forms on the planet today

From the earliest computers to the smartphones in our pockets, video games have been on our screens and part of our lives for over fifty years. Critical Hits celebrates this sophisticated medium and considers its lasting impact on our culture and ourselves.

Introducing Queer Atlas

Welcome to Queer Atlas, a podcast broadcasting out of Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room. Queer Atlas has been created to highlight queer & trans art, activism, and spaces here in the city of Philadelphia. Each episode features an interview from a special guest, conversations about new and old LGBTQ media we are enjoying, as well as a peek at life in our store.


Listen To The Fourth Episode