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Bryan Washington

Japanese-American chef Mike and Black daycare teacher Benson begin reevaluating their stale relationship after Mike departs for Japan to visit his dying father and Benson is suddenly stuck with his visiting mother-in-law, who becomes an unconventional roommate.

Dress Of The Now!

Late 70s Chanel

Heiress of a neutrally refined palette and impeccable clean cuts, the maison Chanel persists in its reign as one of the best luxury brands for the sophisticated and elegant. This size 42 black long sleeve one piece dress from Chanel features a ribbed v-neck, dropped shoulders, long sleeves, removable white cuffs, and a shift silhouette. Please note that pre-owned items are not new and therefore might have minor imperfections. This is a vintage and rare piece from the 1970s. Similiar items are going for +$1000 elsewhere, but this can be yours for a mere $750! There’s only one! First come first serve! For further inquieres please email


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Philly Aids Thrift @ Giovanni's Room

queerbook is the culmination of Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room’s first-ever writing contest. At the beginning of this year, we invited members of our community to submit work for our writing contest with the ultimate goal of publishing an anthology, as well as hosting a release party event where all the authors in the book would be invited to do a reading. Obviously with COVID-19, that plan has changed a bit, but we are still here and proud to present queerbook as a collection of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from members of our store’s community from all over the world. Featuring over 30 writers, as well as an introduction from one of the founders of Giovanni’s Room, this book reflects our pasts, presents, and futures: it is a snapshot of our current moment — our hopes, dreams and fears in a quickly changing world.

Book of the Week

Plain Bad Heroines

Emily M Danforth

The award-winning author of The Miseducation of Cameron Post makes her adult debut with this highly imaginative and original horror-comedy centered around a cursed New England boarding school for girls–a wickedly whimsical celebration of the art of storytelling, sapphic love, and the rebellious female spirit

New Local Releases

Felix Ever After

Kacen Callender

From Stonewall and Lambda Award-winning author Kacen Callender comes a revelatory YA novel about a transgender teen grappling with identity and self-discovery while falling in love for the first time.