Queer Atlas Episode 4: And Pose In All Their Beauty

In this episode we sit down to talk with Tenika Watson, author of the memoir My Life Is No Accident, and host of a podcast by the same name. Tenika has been part of the LGBTQ scene in Philadelphia since the 1970s, and was cast in infamy when she caught a ride with singer Teddy Pendergrass one fateful night in 1982. Outed, dead-named, shamed, and blamed for the accident, Tenika has only recently been able to reclaim the narrative of who she is and the true value of the life she’s lived. 

Books Mentioned In This Episode:

Special Guest: Tenika Watson, https://www.facebook.com/tenika.watson.96
Hosted by Khalib Owen & Katharine Milon
Theme song “Inner City Tumbleweed” by Khalib Owen
Audio engineer – Khalib Owen
Editing, Research & Scripting – Katharine Milon
Created & Produced by Khalib Owen, Katharine Milon, and Alan Chelak