Philadelphia AIDS Thrift is incorporated in Pennsylvania as a non-profit business. We are also a federally recognized 501c3 tax-exempt charitable organization (thanks IRS!). Our goal is to sell the lovely, useful, interesting, amusing, and sometimes mysterious stuff generous people donate to our thrift store and then distribute the proceeds to local organizations involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

On Friday, October 9th, 2020 Philly AIDS Thrift announced that we have now surpassed THREE MILLION DOLLARS in total donations to date. We couldn’t have done any of this without our wonderful Shoppers, Donors, Volunteers and Staff.  Thanks to everyone who helped us get here!

  • We are in need of DONATIONS of all media items. Basically, any re-saleable book, dvd, cd, record, etc. in good shape is welcome. See Donations.
  • We would not be able to run the store without our VOLUNTEERS. Thinking about joining? See Volunteer.
  • And most of all, we need SHOPPERS. Shopping commences every day at 11am, and yes, we are open 7 days a week.

Who We Serve

Historically, our main beneficiary has been the AIDS Fund. The AIDS Fund distributes money to twenty-one AIDS agencies in the five county Philadelphia region. They pass on the money we give them every month with NO administrative costs taken out. They also organize the Philadelphia AIDS Walk every October and the monthly Gay Bingo fundraiser throughout the year. Thanks, AIDS Fund!

More recently, however, we have shifted to distributing most of the money we raise ourselves.  We now do a round of special grants annually.  Our board reviews and awards grants to local organizations who have applied to us for help funding ongoing programs and special projects.  Our grants in the 2017/2018 cycle totaled $186,000.00, in 2018/2019 the total was $246,000, and in 2019/2020 the total was $298,750. Interested organizations can apply by visiting this link.

Organizations that benefit from us

In addition to our cash contributions, Philly AIDS Thrift provides free store vouchers to Philly area HIV/AIDS service providers for distribution to clients in need of clothing assistance and household necessities. Thanks to the many local organizations that partner with us in this effort.