Such Pretty Flowers


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Author: Cerra, K L
Publication Date: 02/07/2023
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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“A lush, seductive Southern Gothic that’s deliciously queer . . . K. L. Cerra’s gift for gorgeous, gruesome atmosphere had me spellbound.”–Layne Fargo, author of They Never Learn


A woman investigating her brother’s apparent suicide finds herself falling for her prime suspect–his darkly mysterious girlfriend–in this “creepy, compelling, and utterly original” (Karen Dionne) thriller.


“Get it out of me.”

It was the last message Holly received from her brother, Dane, before he was found cleaved open in the lavish Savannah townhouse of his girlfriend, Maura. Police ruled his death a suicide sparked by psychosis, but Holly can’t shake the idea that something else must have happened–something involving another message he sent earlier that night about a “game” Maura wanted to play.


Determined to discover the truth, Holly begins to stalk Maura, a magnetic, black-eyed florist with a penchant for carnivorous plants. But what begins as an investigation quickly veers into a fixation that lures Holly into the depths of Maura’s world: Savannah high society, eerie black roses, and a whisper of something more sinister. Soon Holly is feeling a dark attraction to the one woman she shouldn’t trust. As Holly falls deeper for Maura and her secrets, she’s left with only one choice: find out what happened to Dane or meet the same fate.