My Moms Still Love Me Even Though They’r – Nightingale Ph. D., Lois


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Author: Nightingale Ph D, Lois
Publication Date: 07/02/2016
Publisher: Nightingale Rose Publications
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


A workbook and fable about four children dealing with their divorce of their two mothers; an architect and an archer. Each of the children finds their own ways to cope and thrive after their moms divorce. Your child has the opportunity to answer questions and find creative ways to deal with the situations the children in the story face, such as moving between two households, celebrating holidays in two locations, and handling difficult feelings of loss and sadness. Reading this book with your child can help facilitate important conversations about their questions and feelings surrounding divorce. Children Learn: Divorce isn’t their fault. Their thoughts and feelings are normal. Their thoughts and feelings are important. They’re not alone. It’s not okay for one mom to say bad things about the other in front of them. It’s okay for parents to cry. They will be taken care of. Other children have had similar feelings and ended up feeling better again. There are people they can talk to. There are things they can do to help get their feelings out and start feeling better. They’re still loved even though their moms are getting divorced! For ages 4-10