Just Like A Fairy Tale


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Author: James, Cameron
Publication Date: 12/12/2023
Publisher: Srl Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Luca‘s dreams are finally coming true when he secures a spot in the infamous Drag Club, The Rose Quartet. After years of perfecting his art, his moment is here but there’s still another first that’s niggling in the back of Luca’s mind: he’s never been in love. But maybe the beautiful boy who he’s certain would never like him back could change that.

To Jackson, The Rose Quartet is like a second home having been raised amongst the fabulous Queens of the past, but his confidence has been shook after a disaster breakup he believes his demisexuality played a part in. With the health of his grandfather deteriorating by the day, Jackson doesn’t have time for the new Queen who’s catching his eye, right?

Both have an undying love for drag which is ultimately what brings the two of them together, but will these two Drag Queens ever figure out what’s right in front of them?

Content Warnings: swearing, alcohol, loss, mention of HIV, body dysmorphia