Queer Atlas Episode 2: Whatever the Opposite of a Hashtag Is Part 1 of 2

The second episode of Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room’s Queer Atlas. On this episode, we are breaking the seal early and doing a two parter! Join Leeb & Katharine as they chat with Nicole & Nicole from the South Street Art Mart.

Books Mentioned In This Episode:
The Pull of the Stars

Special Guests: Nicole Wiegand (Night Owl Designs) & Nicole Krecicki (Taped Off TV)
Hosted by Khalib Owen & Katharine Milon
Theme song “Inner City Tumbleweed” by Khalib Owen
Audio engineers – Khalib Owen, Alan Chelak
Research & Scripting – Katharine Milon
Created & Produced by Khalib Owen, Katharine Milon, and Alan Chelak