Word Search for Kids ages 9-12: Advance Large Print Word Search Puzzle to Improve Spelling, Vocabulary, and Memory for Kids! Volume 1


SKU: 9781085934589
Author: Activity, Afterschool
Publication Date: 07/28/2019
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Word Search for Kids ages 9-12

Advance Large Print Word Search Puzzle to Improve Spelling, Vocabulary, and Memory for Kids! Volume 1
Word search puzzles with excellent, educational vocabulary word list suitable for ages 9, 10, 11, 12 and up. With fun illustrations and the ability to photocopy pages for the classroom, daycare, or homeschool use, this book is sure to be an excellent resource to be used over and over again. Entertain your child for hours with this fun and educational word search!

4 Main reason your child should do word search puzzles EVERY DAY:
– Emphasize Pattern Recognition, the benefits of puzzle solving to develop our skill at pattern recognition. Pattern recognition is the brain’s ability to find order and create meaning from data around us.
– Expanding Vocabulary, The more words your child sees, the more they will ask what it means, in turn, increasing vocabulary.
– Boost their Memory, The more new words that come into your child’s brain, the more they will try to memorize the words. The more you learn, the better you get at remembering things.
With hundreds of words waiting to be discovered, we guarantee pages and pages of fun for your child!
– Reinforce Spelling, In order to complete the word search, your child will need to be able to spell the words correctly. As they circle the word, they will see each letter, and reinforce how to spell words correctly.

Inside this book you will find:
– 60 Intermediate to Advance fun and educational word searches
– 16 Words to be found in every puzzle
– Different Themes for each puzzle
– Large Printed word searches for easy searching
– Answer Key with every puzzle

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