Wine and The Gift: From Production to Consumption


SKU: 9780367482763
Editor: Howland, Peter
Publication Date: 12/09/2022
Publisher: Routledge
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Wine as commodity has received enormous academic attention, while wine as gift has largely eluded significant dedicated research and analysis. This book addresses this lacuna with insights from leading scholars from a range of disciplines exploring wine as gift in different moments of history, across a variety of production to consumption contexts, and across societies and cultures. The book draws on examples from Australia, China, Croatia, France, Italy, Moldova, United Kingdom and Aotearoa New Zealand. Through the analysis of wine as gift, indeed often as a commodity-gift hybrid, this book significantly enhances understandings of the intertwined economic, societal, political and moral aspects of wine and its production, exchange, and consumption.

Wine and the Gift: From Production to Consumption will appeal to researchers and undergraduates from a wide range of disciplines, including sociology, history, anthropology, cultural studies, geography, marketing, and business studies.