We Are Products: How AI Invades our Life


SKU: 9789357020640
Author: P R, Biju
Publication Date: 02/05/2023
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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‘In this accessible study of the contemporary social media, Biju Gayu argues that we’re subjected to a new, extractive force: digital colonialism…’ –Geert Lovink, Founding Director, Institute of Network Cultures

Haven’t you dreamt of a life without the small practical impediments in your day? Where you don’t need to shop for groceries or park in crowded multiplexes?
Imagine a society where your car drives itself, where products autodeliver at a wish, where content recommendations are tailored to your taste. The fact is that such a world is not far. Rapid developments in technology have made some of these a part of our present reality.
Yet, is technology invading us? What are the human costs of this supremacy given to technology? How long can our human cognitive abilities withstand the onslaught of thinking machines?
Through a close analysis of contemporary society and numerous case studies, author and researcher Dr Biju PR offers an account of how data is enabling huge material progress but deeply affects human cognition and sensibilities. He examines data colonialism, the new capitalism, and the attention economy taking shape on the premise of big data bringing us a world of convenience.
Our lives are reduced to computational values. The human element is surrendered to intelligent machines. We Are Products is a must-read for everyone concerned about the human fate in the face of technology.