Water Crystals, Messages of the Souls: Using Cosmic Power for a Happy & Healthy Life A paradigm shift in power production


SKU: 9783738609776
Author: Meyer, Marianne E
Publication Date: 02/08/2023
Publisher: Books on Demand
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Japanese water scientist Masaru Emoto discovered that water molecules change according to the exposed sounds. M. Meyer, in cooperation with the water artist Ernst F. Braun, found out who realizes water art. The author has explained her research results with the help of many water crystal photos clearly in various works. And for clarity, we should make a special effort in today’s time, carried by anxiety and confusion. The book leads us into the depth of our lives and shows us the secret in our genes. In doing so, we realize that the infinite human task of shadow work makes us joyful and free. The excursus “Free energy for free people” is about the paradigm shift in energy generation crucial for the survival of humanity. Established physics, with its skepticism and blinkered thinking, must not continue to close itself off to modern physics. It is high time for a paradigm change in energy systems!