Unfinished Sketches of a Revolution – Mozetic, Brane


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Author: Mozetic, Brane Jursa, Barbara
Publication Date: 04/01/2018
Publisher: Talisman House, Publishers
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Poetry. LGBTQIA Studies. Brane Mozetič’s new book draws on his experiences as a gay man before and during the collapse of Yugoslavia and the creation of modern Slovenia. The liberation of the GLBT community and Slovenia parallel each other in this intense poetic record of, and meditation on, some of the major political and personal transformations that mark our time.

“Sometimes I just want to squeeze the planet in my hands and see what squirts between my fingers. I read Brane Mozetič’s poems which are tiny novels, so frail and strong and needy and stoic. They end like tiny movies with the one more thing that stops the trail, there’s a chaos to his poems and a specificity like the exact details of our time and we only know it through rough gorgeous lines like these.”–Eileen Myles

“Addressing the turbulence of both collective history and the life of the individual, Brane Mozetič has wrought an aptly rough-edged poetry that achieves its best effects by grating on raw nerves. He doesn’t hold back: each poem is like a stuffed sack, spilling its contents in the reader’s path. Though they hurt the senses, we pick our way through them to a kind of understanding. This is powerful, intense writing.”–Gregory Woods