“Production of Hydrogen by Coal Gasification”


SKU: 9783844398540
Author: Gulshan, Samina Ramzan, Naveed
Publication Date: 06/06/2011
Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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In all over the world we are facing energy crises. Our consumption is increasing day by day that is conflict with our oil and gas resources. To overcome this situation we should move toward alternate and environment friendly resources just like hydrogen. Hydrogen is a green fuel mean no emission of carbon when it is combusted. Pakistan is on 5th number for coal reserves that’s why i selected production of hydrogen via coal gasification. In this study the phenomenon of gasification which is the conversion of carbonaceous fuels into Syngas comprising of CO and H2 is under taken. A combination of the following steps is being used. Coal is fed to a downdraft gasifier and the gases, after gasification in a gasifier are first cooled recovering heat in waste heat boiler and then forwarded towards scrubber to minimize the concentration of solid particulates which are hard to be tolerated by downstream unit, the membrane. Since hydrogen required is of high purity therefore polymeric membrane is used to separate hydrogen from rest of the gases. This project will helpful for all energy sectors and research work.