Peculiar: ‘The Peculiar is based in Fiction > Psychological: ”Welcome you all to the New Year! The journey of the Peculiar


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Author: Shalom
Publication Date: 07/23/2018
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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”There is know how of starting the journey of a new year, with out, not! Having the knowledge in the scripture of God, how to start from God endowments that will enable and guide one to every tremendous glory that has been endowed by God in each seasons of the year.A New Year! Has, its own glory and endowment of God in the New Year. But the knowledge of God that one has been able to be impacted with in the words of God is what that enables one to every tremendous glory that is in the seasons of the year. Stating a new year? Is like an athletes’ that are many in a competition, for achieving the glory that is in the end of a race! Which every athletes that are in the competition from the beginning has with in them to achieve at the end of such race.”Starting a new year, is like an athletes’ that are MANY in a race.Everyone has its own mechanisms that is capable to help one to finished strong and to be the one that will be crown as the best runner after the ending of a race has be achieved. But not everyone that started a race finished as the top runner, is only the few that has being able to understand the general information that surrounds what they are into. But to some? It does not properly carried out by them.”Preparation to the ending of a race.Preparation is the main elements that differential between the top runner and the many. The top runner understood that! Without not properly train or to do other duties that surround their competition? Achieving success will only be a history that they will always be wanting to share at any seasons of the year.Understanding the elements, by the top runner? Enables them to shared their testimony and living successful. Other elements that differentiate between the top runner and the many are included in the series. In other words, a study has been shown about to the NASA latest discovery on x Plant which is also known as plant nine. Which will happen on the 23rd of September 2017 and what it will course in the human’s history. Also a study into some elements that will enables the peculiar to over come its appearances, if it occurred. Such as humans consciences, humans unconsciousness, not being careful, being careful, Phenomenology, God creation master plan, Sound of an event which is of horrible. Total defeat, saying it wrong, saying it right and your coach and your future. Meanwhile a study into success which involved -Academic-Investment-Business-Projected materialisation-Achieving at the ending of a projected materialisation. Are all the mechanisms that form the peculiar.