out of the darkness: A story of a CSI officers journey with murder, love and compassion.


SKU: 9781662854637
Author: Jaconi, Donna M
Publication Date: 09/11/2022
Publisher: Liberty Hill Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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A novel that gets inside the mind of a veteran Philadelphia Crime scene investigator. As she takes you along while processing some of the most notorious crime scenes in Philadelphia. Her 23 years of experience, you will learn about both graphic and humorous aspects of processing these scenes. From growing up poor in an Italian south Philly neighborhood to becoming a decorated Police Officer. Officer Jaconi shares the joys and sorrows associated with her career, her relationships and coming OUT as a gay female Officer. Hoping her Police family thin blue line will support her lifestyle, as her own family does. As a recent retired Police Officer, I have had a distinguished career for 29 years. Starting my career as a fingerprint Technician and then being accepted to the Police academy. I worked patrol and got much experience on the streets of Philly. Applying for the elite Crime Scene Unit a few years later and being accept. Remaining there until the end of my career 22 years later. Processing over 1000 homicide scenes. I now reside in suburban Pa and enjoy my adult son and my two grandchildren. With trips to the Delaware beaches as often as possible.