SKU: 9781935509448
Author: Trevor, Christopher
Publication Date: 09/03/2009
Publisher: Nazca Plains Corporation
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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I have read the original writings of Christopher Trevor and am always left with the following: A feeling of awe that such an incredible author of erotic fantasies can make them seem so real, so vivid in my mind that I’m left with afterthoughts for days…the instantaneous sexual arousal is intense, and I can hardly read more than 3-5 pages without having to “burst.” With this collection of various authors that Mr. Trevor has pooled together we are treated to still more erotic and vivid fantasies. Finally, I am always mesmerized at how Christopher Trevor’s mind works…how he gets inside my head (similar to how I have gotten inside the head of the guys I have put through their erotic paces) and make me feel as though I’ve been followed and watched. I can’t wait to read the next amazing works of this fine man!! Obsessions is the right title for this collection of erotic tales…- Vince -Someone like Christopher Trevor is able to embellish a situation and bring life and vivid colors to it. He can really make me sing my song of laughter whenever he puts me in a ticklish tale and predicament. There are no tickle tales in this latest book of Mr. Trevor’s but the men who star in these “Obsessive” tales are put through their paces nonetheless. Since reading stories like Christopher Trevor’s and then starring in some of them I realize how the hand (and fingers) of the right guy or gal really stimulates me.- Timmy Backman -Even before I started reading the first line of Christopher’s latest book of a collection of authors that he handpicked, I had the premonition of impending realism, drama, as well as anticipation with his new writing maturity and character development. Perhaps it was his own “inner-longing” to be one of the characters. Which one, I do not know, that is for you to interpret!- Master Jeff –