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Author: Felix, Dia
Publication Date: 04/08/2014
Publisher: City Lights Books
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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"Nochita shimmers with humor and delight, she burns with stark raving intelligence."–Mary Gaitskill "In Nochita, Dia Felix builds an extraordinarily rich and inventive language to carry the kaleidoscopic point of view of her young protagonist. What a pleasure to open a book and find such exuberant and committed artistry. A stunning debut."–Janet Fitch "There is a way some writers say hello on the first page that gets me excited to be in their conversation. Nochita has it with teeth!! I love this book and the weird strong eye it has on the world, melting clothes off bodies with a creme brulee torch. Nochita is quite the dance to read through, kind of like shaking a bad morning off and realizing you really love this world. Makes me smile, like Dia Felix writes, 'I think I can latch on to this machine now."' BUY THIS BOOK, don't just stand there reading my fucking blurb!!"–CAConrad, author of The Book Of Frank Daughter to a divorced new age guru, Nochita wanders through the cracks of California's counter-culture, half feral child, half absurdist prophet. When tragedy strikes she is sent to live with her father, a working-class cowboy with a fragile grasp on sobriety and a dangerously mean fiancee. Stuck with adults chillingly unable to care for her, Nochita takes to the streets, a runaway with nothing to run from, driven forward by desperation, hope, and an irrepressible wonder. Nochita is a poetic novel dazzling in its detail, stylistically daring, by turns hallucinatory, darkly funny, and brutally real. At its heart is the singular voice of Nochita, tender and fierce, alone and alive and utterly unforgettable. Dia Felix is a writer and filmmakerand an award-winning digital media producer for museums (SF Exploratorium, Museum of Arts and Design). She currently teaches and mentors teens in experimental documentary filmmaking. She is the founder and editor of Personality Press. Born and raised in California, she currently lives in New York. Nochita is her first book.