My Baby First Birthday


SKU: 9781947793811
Author: Zhang, Jenny
Publication Date: 05/12/2020
Publisher: Tin House Books
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


My Baby First Birthday is about existence and non-existence. It’s about being born–without consent. Jenny Zhang writes about accepting pain, about the way we fetishize womanhood and motherhood, and reduce women to their violations, traumas, and body parts. She questions the way we feminize and racialize nurturing, and live in service of other people’s dreams. How we idealize birth and being baby, how it’s only in our mothers’ wombs that we’re still considered innocent, blameless, and undamaged, because it’s only then that we don’t have to earn love. Her poems explore the obscenity of patriarchy, whiteness, and capitalism, the violence of rescue and heroism. The magic trick in this book is that despite all these themes, the book never feels like some jeremiad. Zhang uses friendship as a lyric. She seeks tenderness, radiant beauty, and having love for your mistakes. Through all this, she writes about being alone–really alone, like why was I ever born alone–and trying, despite everything, to reach out and touch something–skin to skin, animal to animal.