Mental Health Workbook: 3 Books in 1: Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. (CBT+DBT+ACT).


SKU: 9781914161230
Author: Lawson, David
Publication Date: 06/16/2021
Publisher: Emotionship Srls
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Do you have unbearably low self-esteem?

Sometimes shyness paralyzes you and prevents you from doing even the most trivial things.

Have you tried to overcome shyness, but always end up feeling that you are worth nothing to anyone, even when your family or friends tell you otherwise?

♥ 3 books in 1 ♥ This collection includes: 1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.2. Dialectical Behavior Therapy.3. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Our self-esteem depends very much on the experiences we had in the first years of life. If the relationships with the people who looked after us (parents, grandparents, teachers, etc.) were positive and rewarding, we have likely developed a positive image of ourselves.

However, emotionally unstable, offensive and toxic role models can undermine the construction of a solid self-esteem before it has completely consolidated within us.

Many of us are still limited by the defences we formed when trying to protect ourselves from the painful circumstances in which we found ourselves as children. Disappointment in love and failures resulting from unrealistic goals can, in such circumstances, easily convince you that you are a useless or inferior person.

Here, however, is the good news: There is nothing wrong with you. You already have everything you need to live the life you want on your terms. This collection offers you all the tools to eradicate the negative programming and erroneous thinking that has been given to you, allowing you to release the incredible power that all of us have within.

With this collection you will learn:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – this technique will teach you how to challenge (and defeat) negative and automatic thoughts, understand how mental patterns are established and block vicious circles.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) – This method was originally created to treat individuals who struggle with suicidal thoughts, but has matured into a treatment for many other conditions that involve dysfunctional emotional regulation.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – This therapy focuses on the problem of human suffering – an important factor in achieving a good life. It also has the capability to successfully deal with much deeper issues.

Step-by-step exercises that illustrate exactly how the tools in this book can help you make positive changes.

You may find yourself talking to yourself in these terms:

  • There is nothing that I really like about myself.
  • Only others manage to feel good about themselves.
  • I am not worthy to look for the things that interest me.
  • Others are more deserving of happiness.
  • Nobody wants to hear about my life or the problems I’m facing.
  • It’s all my fault, I can’t find people who are good to me.
  • Good people would never be with someone like me.


  • “I feel stupid”
  • “People will think that I’m just silly.”
  • “It is useless for me to try because I am always wrong. I am incapable.”
  • “Maybe my husband is right and I am good for nothing.”

Do these thoughts sound familiar to you?

Over time, negative thoughts can become so frequent that the individual ends up living them as facts. It creates a real vicious circle that is difficult to stop and can prove itself to be dangerous.Nobody is born with high self-esteem: we have to build it. It is never too late to change and free yourself from negativity. Building self-esteem can be a difficult process, but it’s worth it!