Many Roads to Home


SKU: 9798702499048
Author: Lasalle, Kaya
Publication Date: 01/30/2021
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


That stereotype about the mid-life crisis involving smoking-hot flings with younger women? Yeah, turns out that might be true after all…Brooke has resigned herself to being single forever. She’s almost 40 and practically married to her career. When she decides to take some time off to renovate a run-down farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, everyone tells her she’s having a midlife crisis. Maybe she is, but she still thinks that buying the farmhouse is the best thing she’s done in years. Now if only she could get the roof to stop leaking…Riley has always been a free spirit with nothing to her name besides the shirt on her back and a bag of tools. She’s resourceful and knows what she’s doing, but it turns out that it’s still hard to make it as a woman in the trades. So when she hears about a major farmhouse renovation taking place, she jumps at the opportunity. She never would have imagined her new employer would be someone like Brooke, though…Sparks fly between Brooke and Riley as they’re thrown together. The intensity of their attraction is matched only by the barriers to their relationship.Can two women who are polar opposites find a way to build a home together?