Life of a College Bandsman


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Author: Grant, Jaxon
Publication Date: 05/29/2015
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Meet Zach. He’s young, smart, ambitious, energetic and sexy. After graduating high school, he heads to college with dreams of joining his favorite marching band, the Florida A&M University Marching ‘100’. His world changes the day he steps on FAMU’s campus.
During his first semester at FAMU, Zach creates unbreakable bonds with select band mates that help shape the rest of his life. While Zach builds a secret relationship with a top ranking band leader, there is only one dude he really wants, but can’t have. As a result, the two build a close-knit friendship that raises questions about their sexualities within the band. In balancing his new love life-in addition to class, the issues with his mother and the stress of band practice-he also deals with hazing, theft and a band director who does everything possible to make Zach’s life a living hell. Will Zach achieve his dream of joining this world famous marching band, or will he give into the pressure and quit? Will he overcome all the obstacles thrown his way and make it through the season? Will he make the final cut?
Jaxon Grant, the author of the “Crimes of the Heart” and “Incidental Contact” trilogies, pens a coming of age tale, not just about band but the story of life. You’ll see these characters grow from college freshmen to men with families, and all the drama there within, as the Bandsman series spans fifteen years. In the first entry, join Zach and the crew as they lay the foundation for an epic eleven book series that you’ll never forget.