SKU: 9781087900131
Author: Snyder, Mark, Jr
Publication Date: 07/09/2020
Publisher: Mark Snyder Jr
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This New Release is Mark Snyder Jr’s debut fiction novel.

The planet will only continue to host our species as long as we continue to remain respectful guests. The only life-granting planet in the solar system, the Earth, is continuously monitored by the God of the Sun, Helios. Helios must ensure the human race acts in the Earth’s best interests to maintain the balance and order necessary to continue its existence.

Every one-hundred years, a new Legacy begins, and five predetermined humans will hold the fate of the entire species on their shoulders. If humans continue down the path of irresponsible exploitation of their only home, they will eventually fail to complete the Legacy of their time.

Ellen, Clayton, Ameer, Sarah and Johanna have been faced with a unique challenge that may corrupt their destiny. Is it the end of human existence, or will the species be able to redeem itself? Follow these Legacy members through their predestined paths that intersect and combine to save, or doom, the human race.