Kinda Fella I Am: Stories


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Author: Luczak, Raymond
Publication Date: 03/16/2018
Publisher: Independent Arts & Media
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The Kinda Fella I Am continues Raymond Luczak's extraordinary string of outstanding books. Delving into our deep needs for human connection, Luczak imagines the world as seen by queer disabled men.The breadth of Raymond Luczak's writing leaves us dazzled. — Michael Thomas Ford, author of Lily The Kinda Fella I Am takes us on a captivating dive into the lives of these disabled queers. We follow them from kitchen to bedoom, from coffee shops to sex clubs.Fighting the flattened stereotypes of gay men in literature, Luczak offers us an audacious array of people and situations. From delight to depression, his characters leap off the page in bold and honest representations. These short stories are 'performance-art arias' of desire, anxiety, and hope" Jack Fritscher, PhD, author, Mapplethorpe: Assault and Gay San FranciscoThroughout the book, characters come alive sharing their intriguing lives with us. I used to be the kinda fella who was expected to sit quietly in his wheelchair by the sidelines … So begins Raymond Luczak's title piece. We follow his characters as they reawaken their sexual desires after injuries. Initially rejected by gay communities, they create their own sex play rooms until they build the confidence and skills to re-enter gay communities with self-assured sexuality. tender, queer, innovative — Jillian Weise, author of The Amputee's Guide to SexThrough a variety of characters with disabilities, The Kinda Fella I Am explores the disabled queer male experience. Raymond Luczak, author of the award-winning novel Men with Their Hands, goes boldly into bedrooms and other places where most able-bodied men fear to tread. a rare glimpse behind the curtains of queer disabled men – Robert McRuer, Ph.D., author of Crip Theory: Cultural Signs of Queerness and Disability and co-editor of Sex and DisabilityRaymond Luczak is a multitalented writer, artist and publisher. The Kinda Fella I Am adds to his already impressive stable of 19 books and plays which have received awards from the Lambda Literary Awards and the Samuel Edwards Deaf Playwrights Competition.