Kennedy is King


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Author: James, Cameron
Publication Date: 11/09/2021
Publisher: Srl Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Kennedy is the most popular boy in his prestige boarding school, known by everyone as The King. Every detail of his life is under a microscope and sometimes Kennedy wishes it simply not to be.

After a dramatic break-up from the self-proclaimed Princess, and face of the choir, Devon, Kennedy finds himself in a place he’s never been before – the football cage. Cue a whirlwind romance with footballer Stephen, the trans boy who moved schools because he’d committed a felony? Right, or was it because he got kicked out? Or are these all simply just rumours.

Kennedy soon learns that being himself is much more important than being the King, and Stephen is the boy he wants to be with. If that means losing his crown, well, so be it.

Content Warnings: Bullying, sex, mention of injury, injury, discussion surrounding HIV, mention of suicide.