Journal of the Year I Wrote This Journal


SKU: 9781682192689
Author: Zahedi, Caveh
Publication Date: 06/27/2023
Publisher: OR Books
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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“So what do I have to say that is worthwhile? All I have to say is the truth of my experience – especially the flaws. The flaws are the best parts. So what’s my experience? I don’t want to talk about my past experience for some reason (even though my films are about nothing but that) because I want the language to be present and alive. I want to talk about this present experience that I am having right now. I want to talk about the now. That’s not what an autobiography is. But maybe that’s what the autobiography of an autobiography might be.”

The director of films including the Gotham Award-winning I Am a Sex Addict and The Sheikh and I here turns his hand to an autobiography of sorts. Following the technique of his acclaimed cult TV series, The Show About the Show, where each episode is about the making of the previous one, this book chronicles a year in the life of its author, recording Zahedi’s often hapless attempts to find love, domestic stability and a new film project.

Written with unsparing honesty, and not infrequently under the influence of drugs, The Journal of the Year I Wrote This Journal is as compelling as it is unique.