It Was Kit: The ‘True’ Story of Christopher Marlowe


SKU: 9781777136017
Author: McWood, Allison
Publication Date: 05/03/2020
Publisher: Annelid Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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A full-length play. What do we really know about Christopher Marlowe? We openly discuss Shakespeare, his celebrated contemporary, but what about the dark playwright who fell victim to one of the most murderous controversies of the English Renaissance? It Was Kit is a farce which examines the last week of Marlowe’s life, raising questions regarding the accuracy of history, the legitimacy of the Monarchy and the interpretation of the artist. Every character in the play existed in history: Thomas Kyd, Robert Greene, Ingram Frizer, Eleanor Bull, Richard Baines, William Shakespeare among many others. Laced with actual, historical quotes and references, the play combines historical elements with the contemporary, drawing relevant comparisons between the two eras. This comedic twist on history suggests that Marlowe was a man as well as a phenomenon. Murder and espionage have never been this much fun!