Iris and the Virus


SKU: 9781734466317
Illustrator: Dean, Sonny
Author: Dean, Sonny
Publication Date: 04/12/2020
Publisher: Little Lambda Books LLC
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Iris is a child struggling with the changes to her world from the Coronavirus pandemic. Her Daddy comforts her and helps to explain what is happening and why. He helps her adjust to her new routine and shows her how she can do her part to help. This book is intended to help children cope with the massive changes brought by the Coronavirus pandemic. It is our hope that it might give grownups a tool to assist with some important conversations. We hope it will help to reassure children, as well as help them to find a way to process their feelings and find a constructive way forward in these unprecedented times.We are a small publishing company based in Maine that wanted to do what we can to help. This book was conceived, written, illustrated, and published in two weeks from our homes. It’s not perfect, but we felt that if the children we know are struggling with this, other children must be too, so it was important to publish something now. We hope it helps. The profits generated by this edition of this book will be donated to the Maine Community Foundation’s emergency response fund. Thank you for your support and stay safe. -the people at Little Lambda Books