Insider Secrets: Mastering Search on 50 Tutorials & Tips for Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced Users


SKU: 9781520838625
Author: Mosher, Jim
Publication Date: 03/15/2017
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Learn how to effectively search the #1 Family History & Genealogy site in the world! There are over 19 billion records on Can you find the one you are looking for? If you understand how the Ancestry search system works, you can. With tutorials, tips, and explanations, this book is perfect for budding family historians, experienced tree builders, and expert genealogists. You will discover: – Simple yet powerful strategies to guide your search – How to make the 19 billion-record hay stack more manageable – Under-used search capabilities for focusing on the records you desire – Ways to find out if Ancestry has what you are looking for, before you even start a search – Explanations for why Ancestry search behaves the way it does – Tips for creating, refining, and mastering searches Jim Mosher distills almost seven years of experience as an Ancestry product manager into this comprehensive guide, sharing intimate details of how the search system works. Progressing from the basics to the esoteric, he presents concepts and tools that will help anyone make the most of their experience.