In the light of the moon


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Author: Noland, R D
Publication Date: 06/07/2021
Publisher: Raymond D. Noland
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


You can’t keep running from your past, especially when it has four legs and fangs.

In the exciting second installment of Tales of a Gay Witch, we return to Jason and his friends six months later as they are coming to terms with the events of last year.

Jason thought he could move on with his life after Damien left in search of information about his mother, after finding out she might be alive after all, but is struggling to adjust to life without him.

He is persuaded to go out and meet up with his friends at his favorite night club 1470 West, where he meets a handsome young man named Mickey. That same night, Jason is informed by Detective Miller, now a good friend of his, to be on the lookout for Jo’s ex-husband Rex, who might be coming their way. There have been a number of sexual assaults and murders targeting young lesbian women up in northern Ohio, and Rex is suspected of being involved. Jo’s ex-husband was always a nasty, abusive piece of work, but to make things worse Rex is a werewolf and an alpha to boot.

It’s up to Jason to rally his friends again, he is tasked with protecting the people he cares about, before it’s too late…