Human Capital and Production Structure in the Greek Economy: Knowledge, Abilities, Skills (2022)


SKU: 9783031049378
Editor: Petrakis, Panagiotis E
Publication Date: 09/05/2022
Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Part A: Human Capital and Structural Change.- Chapter 1: The Role of Human Capital in Economic Development in the 21st Century.- Chapter 2: Human Capital and Structural Economic Transformation.- Chapter 3: Occupational Characteristics Analysis.- Chapter 4: Productive Structure, Technological Change and Requirements in Human Capital.- Part B: Structural Relations and Structural Changes in the Greek Economy.- Chapter 5: Sectoral Analysis of the Economic Activity of the Greek Economy, Input – Output Analysis.- Chapter 6: Estimation of the Medium-term Demand for Occupations and Specialities in the Greek Economy Using an Input – Output Analysis.- Part C: Analysis of Human Capital Requirements in Greece.- Chapter 7: Restructuring the Greek Labor Market During the Last Two Economic Crises.- Chapter 8: The European Experience in Lifelong Learning and the Restructuring of the Economy.- Chapter 9: Labor Market Analysis Based on the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Working Activities of Employees in the Present and Future Production Structure of 2027.