Healthtech Innovation: How Entrepreneurs Can Define and Build the Value of Their New Products


SKU: 9781032347936
Author: Micalo, Silvia
Publication Date: 10/03/2022
Publisher: Productivity Press
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Today, over 500,000 medical technologies are available in hospitals, homes, and community care settings. They range from simple bandages to complex, multi-part body scanners that cost millions of dollars to develop. Yet a typical technology has a lifecycle of just 21 months before an improved product usurps it–the healthcare ecosystem is rapidly advancing and driven by a constant flow of innovation. And those innovations need innovators.

With $21 billion made available for investment in the digital healthcare industry in 2020 (a 20x increase on 2010), entrepreneurs, investors, and related actors are entering the healthcare ecosystem in greater numbers than ever before. Last year alone, over 17,000 medical technology patents were filed, the third highest of all patent types. Each of those has a dedicated team of entrepreneurs behind it. Yet with increasingly strict regulations and pharmaceutical giants growing more aggressive, many thousands of entrepreneurs fail before even the patent stage: just 2% secure revenue or adoption.

Healthtech Innovation: How Entrepreneurs Can Define and Build the Value of Their New Products is a down-to-earth survival guide for entrepreneurs struggling to secure a strategic position within the healthtech ecosystem. Which is expected that by 2026, the global digital health market size will be around $657 billion. This book is designed to help innovators navigate this complex and newly volatile landscape. It covers business strategy, marketing, funding acquisition, and operation in a global regulatory context. It is written in simple language, evidenced by the latest academic and industry research, and explained using real-world examples and case studies.