Green Products in Food Safety


SKU: 9780323955904
Editor: Prakash, Bhanu Brilhante de São José, Jackline Freitas
Publication Date: 03/15/2023
Publisher: Academic Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Green Products in Food Safety explores the potential of green chemicals in the sustainable management of food biodeterioration agents and addresses the current existing limitations of green products for their sustainable application. The book summarizes food loss by biodeterioration agents (bacteria, fungi, mycotoxin, and insect pest); novel detection methods for hazardous food contaminants; different sources of green chemicals, their origin, extraction, and characterization methods; and bioactivity of green products against biodeterioration agents with their molecular sites of action. Also included are discussions of pharmacological properties of green chemicals, metabolic engineering of green chemical biosynthesis, natural therapy for bovine mastitis, the role of molecular modeling and dynamics in food science, nanocarriers for application in the food system, elucidation of novel site of action, toxicity prediction, ecological perception, Intellectual Property Right (IPR), regulations, and perspectives on the commercial application of green products.

This book covers basic and translational aspects that prove to be beneficial for food scientists, researchers, students, and young professionals.