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Author: Demulder, Sierra
Publication Date: 06/06/2023
Publisher: Button Poetry
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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If every experience lasted forever and the sands of time never interrupted our most loving moments, there would be nothing to immortalize in writing.

In Sierra DeMulder’s melancholic yet beautifully hopeful poetry collection, Ephemera, she writes with the wisdom of someone who has learned to love and lose. Each poem reads delicately and elegantly, just fleeting memories on the page. Split into 4 sections detailing intimate experiences from the painful deaths of family members who clung to life, to passionate love she feels for her own mortal wife, DeMulder plays a sweet song by pulling on her own well worn heart strings.

While maintaining a muted emotional intensity, the poems keep their grounding in reality, never straying to supercillous territory, perhaps recognizing their own ephemeral quality. DeMulder ruminates on what will come and what will fade. Despite this impermanent nature, you can feel the tender warmth DeMulder holds for her family in every line, even the moments she wishes she could forget.