Employee Experience: Develop a Happy, Productive and Supported Workforce for Exceptional Individual and Business Performance


SKU: 9781398607705
Author: Whitter, Ben
Publication Date: 11/29/2022
Publisher: Kogan Page
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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In a world of increasing stress and constant change, supporting and developing employees has never been more difficult. Employee Experience is an essential resource for improving experiences at work.

To develop top-performing employees, HR professionals need to move beyond ad hoc engagement initiatives and instead to design and embed employee experience throughout an organization’s processes and culture – from the moment an employee sees a job advert to the moment they leave the company. Employee Experience includes guidance on how to build experience capabilities in an HR team and on communicating, sustaining and evolving the employee experience, as well as on using networks, nudges and technology.

The second edition features evidence-based research on the most common challenges experienced globally and how a holistic approach to employee experience can solve them. There is updated coverage of questions that should be asked of data to help put people and their experiences at the heart of the organization and new case studies. Full of tools, tips and advice, this book shows how focusing on the employee experience improves performance, productivity and profits and how organizations of any size can achieve this success.