Decline of the Dragons


SKU: 9798218135232
Author: Beaupit, Ryan
Publication Date: 01/09/2023
Publisher: Farthest Reach
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Vanya spent years training herself in the art of combat. Wessel spent years studying the senses of magic.

Together, they became formidable dragon riders on Safaron’s amber-scaled back-the three of them

working in tandem to carry out any order given by the Flight Council.

Dragons have represented power across the land for countless years. In Qatil, where the vast majority of

dragons reside, they have become an integral part of life. To the east, there is growing unrest in

Madrasa over Qatil’s rampant spread of influence-enabled by their dragons. After many failed efforts,

new rumors spread of a weapon Madrasa can use to finally oppose dragons and shift control away from

Qatil’s weyr.

As conflict builds between the neighboring countries, Vanya, Wessel, and Safaron balance on the cusp of

an unstable world and must determine where they belong as their way of life is threatened and the

truth becomes murky.