Cuckold Compilations: 13 Steaming Hot Cuckold Experiences… with a Male Submissive Twist …!


SKU: 9781729235621
Author: Watson, Mike
Publication Date: 10/25/2018
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Why did I write this book? Lots of people have read my books and stories, and have enjoyed them immensely – – so why this compilation?Well, first off, because some people want to skip past what they consider to be the “fluff” and get right down to the “meat” (no pun intended!) of the matter.Some folks just want to get down to the actual hot SEX scenes, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all if that’s your thing.Personally, I’d rather have a story upfront and THEN get to the sex. It feels more real that way, but hey, we’ve all been there. Sometimes we just need a nice raunchy read without the “hang ups” – – much like women who love to cuckold their men sometimes just need a nice long fuck without the hang ups!So that is one reason.Second, because I’ve got such a wide variety of books and novellas out there that chances are excellent and second to none that you haven’t read all, or most of ’em.Each of those books contains gems by themselves, and I’ve dug some of them out and compiled them into an easy to read format for you right here.Third, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve included two experiences here that greatly define how I currently feel about cuckolding or “m on m” in general. These two experiences are not included in any other book or writing that I’ve penned – – and are deeply moving, emotional stories from yours truly that (though they occurred years ago), I remember as clearly and can see in front of me as clearly as I can see the black and white words on this computer screen.What separates this book from the other “cuckold compilations out there”? What is the “submissive” twist you’re referring to?Well, that’s a great question indeed!Most of the cuckold literature I’ve read has been indeed with a submissive twist. The word cuckold itself lends itself to submissiveness – – either to the dominant male in the scene, or the (and usually the!) woman involved, but here is the point – – most of the cuckold literature out there (at least what I’ve seen) is BDSM oriented.And that is fine, of course. Most of you reading this are probably into BDSM – – or humiliation or domination – – of some nature, and cuckolding can be a natural progression to submissive tendencies for many a submissive man, and a dominant lady.But, here is where THIS book splits off the rest.That being, the submissive twist – – and the fact that a lot of these experiences can be read and enjoyed by GAY couples as well – – in other words, homosexual couples that are perfectly comfortable with their preferences.Gay couples don’t always include women in their cuckold fantasies/experiences.Gay couples into cuckolding may or may not be into BDSM.Gay couples may or may not be into humiliation (although cuckolding by it’s very nature lends itself to a certain degree of humiliation unless you’re an “alpha cuckold”).But here’s the thing … cuckolding is almost always submissive to a degree, regardless of whether it’s a gay couple doing it – – or regardless of it’s the femme fatale in “25 Million Dollars” that’s making a “cocky” (pun intended!) young Greek upstart do it – – or whether it’s Madam Su making ole Watson do it!By it’s very nature cuckolding is submissive … and what I want to focus upon the most here in these narratives is the MALE SUBMISSIVE vibe, my friend.While the stories these compilations have been taken from are all femdom stories (female on male basically) – – the actual compilations can be viewed from a purely “submissive” standpoint as opposed to a “femdom” standpoint.The characters and situations mentioned can just as easily be used by male doms as they can female, which is the beauty of it all!So I don’t care if you’re kissing a woman’s feet and thanking her for allowing you to suck her lover’s cock, or if you’re kissing your male Dominant’s feet and thanking him for the privilege, for instance!Grab it now – it promises to be a WILD journey!