Crimes on Latimer: The Early Cases of Marco Fontana


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Author: DeMarco, Joseph R G
Publication Date: 03/03/2012
Publisher: Lethe Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Six of Marco Fontana’s early cases show some of the forces that helped shape the young P.I. In high school, Fontana discovers that he has a knack for crime solving. Not only that, he likes it. When his English teacher is accused of murdering the school disciplinarian, Marco takes it upon himself to investigate. Some years later, after Marco has explored his options, we find him in his first office on Latimer and Twelfth. Trouble easily manages to find him there. From dealing with a stolen DaVinci sketch, to uncovering a blackmailing murderer, to having a pleasant trip to celebrate Pride in NY turned into a nightmare, to presiding over a murderous leather competition, Marco develops his investigative skills and his techniques for solving difficult cases. Crimes on Latimer presents only six of Fontana’s early cases. There are other mysteries in his past which will be explored in cases to come. This half-dozen crime tales open a window onto Marco Fontana’s world before he found himself dealing with the events of Murder on Camac.