Control Theory Applications for Production Systems


SKU: 9781119862833
Author: Duffie, Neil A
Publication Date: 06/08/2022
Publisher: Wiley
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Control Theory Applications for Dynamic Production Systems

Apply the fundamental tools of linear control theory to model, analyze, design, and understand the behavior of dynamic production systems

In Control Theory Applications for Dynamic Production Systems: Time and Frequency Methods for Analysis and Design, distinguished manufacturing engineer Dr. Neil A. Duffie delivers a comprehensive explanation of how core concepts of control theorical analysis and design can be applied to production systems. Time-based perspectives on response to turbulence are augmented by frequency-based perspectives, fostering new understanding and guiding design of decision-making. The time delays intrinsic to decision making and decision implementation in production systems are addressed throughout.

Readers will discover methods for calculating time response and frequency response, modeling using transfer functions, assessing stability, and design of decision making for closed-loop production systems. The author has included real-world examples emphasizing the different components of production systems and illustrating how practical results can be quickly obtained using straightforward Matlab programs (which can easily be translated to other platforms).

Avoiding unnecessary theoretical jargon, this book fosters an in-depth understanding of key tools of control system engineering. It offers:

  • A thorough introduction to core control theoretical concepts of analysis and design of dynamic production systems
  • Comprehensive and integrated explorations of continuous-time and discrete-time models of production systems, employing transfer functions and block diagrams
  • Practical discussions of time response, frequency response, fundamental dynamic behavior, closed-loop production systems, and the design of decision-making
  • In-depth examples of the analysis and design of complex dynamic behavior requiring approaches such as matrices of transfer functions and modeling of multiple sampling rates

Perfect for production, manufacturing, industrial, and control system engineers, Control Theory Applications for Dynamic Production Systems will also earn a place in the libraries of students taking advanced courses on industrial system digitalization, dynamics, and design.