Coaching People Through Organizational Change: Practical Tools to Support Employees Through Business Transformation


SKU: 9781398607040
Author: Noble, Sue Tarrant, Amy
Publication Date: 09/27/2022
Publisher: Kogan Page
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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How can I coach employees effectively when business change is constant? What tools and techniques can I use both in-person and remotely? How can I reduce the stress caused by business transformation to boost productivity and wellbeing?

Coaching People through Organizational Change is a practical guide for professional coaches and managers alike. It is specifically designed to support those coaching employees during uncertain times in a new world of work which is in a constant state of flux. It outlines what organizational change is, the different forms it can take and how to use evidenced-based coaching techniques to support the delivery of lasting business change. It will help those coaching to develop a greater understanding of how the brain makes decisions and adjusts to change and provides practical advice and guidance that can be used to deliver the most effective coaching intervention.

Including over 20 tools and frameworks each supported by a suggestion for what type of organizational change the activity is best suited for, this is invaluable reading for anyone responsible for coaching and talent development whether as a professional coach or a line manager. Including country-agnostic advice that can be used with employees both in-person and remotely, this book will help to reduce stress and presenteeism and to boost productivity, performance, resilience and wellbeing.