Celeste & Chris


SKU: 9781736910108
Author: Stokes, Manjula L
Publication Date: 07/20/2021
Publisher: Manjula Lisa Stokes
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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CELESTE & CHRIS tells the story of two friends coming of age in 1960s. In their isolation from others, they redefine the terms of the oppressive society-religious, social, racial, economic, sexual-in which they were raised. Celeste’s mother is overbearing. Chris’s parents dote on their son but remain ignorant of his homosexuality. Chris and Celeste form a bond that helps them survive the warfare they undertake against their world’s mores and strictures.

Due to a high school prank gone wrong, Chris’s parents believe their laid-back parenting put him on the wrong path. They overcompensate by sending him to military school. While there, Chris begins an illicit affair with his art teacher. Celeste runs away from home with the intention of rescuing Chris. On her way, she’s picked up hitchhiking by a charming Vietnam War draft-dodger. Both Chris and Celeste find their sexual liberation comes with stipulations and disillusion.

The emergence of riskier desires threaten the bond between Celeste and Chris, even as they realize the complicated and dangerous nature of their situation. As things devolve, the friends must come to terms with the perils of their illusions and the price of freedom, and imagine a future for themselves and each other.