Blind Ride – Tortuga, Ba


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Author: Tortuga, Ba
Publication Date: 06/01/2017
Publisher: Pride & Company
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Jason Scott is at the top of the bull riding game, on his way to a winning season, living the good life with his traveling partner Andy Baxter. The only thing he wishes he had is Bax, but he’s afraid to take the step that would make them more than friends. When a terrible accident leaves Jason unable to see, he retreats to his momma’s ranch. Bax has other ideas. With the help of the other bull riders and a very persistent bull fighter named Coke, Bax convinces Jason to give life one more try. Everyone gets in on the project, from Jason’s strong-willed mother to an entire ranch full of children, all of them working to help Jason do what he loves.