$3000 BluePrint: Income Acceleration Tactics for Launching Digital Products That Sell Themselves // How to Make Money Online


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Author: Inkline, Godwins
Publication Date: 12/18/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The $3,000 Blueprint
Struggling to gain consulting clients or scale your coaching practice? Tired of piecing together side hustles that never generate the income you desire? It’s time to step into your calling as a high-earning informational entrepreneur.
In The $3,000 Blueprint, seasoned online educator Godwins Inkline dismantles limiting beliefs around monetizing your hard-won expertise. With his proven Insight to Income system, unlock how to package your life’s work into premium coaching programs, digital courses, eBooks, and workshops that change lives while earning you a living.

Why You Need this Book
This tactical handbook reveals:

  • The 12 most lucrative niches poised for informational products Foreign Language Learning, Mixology Tips, Healthy Home Cooking, and more hot topics that convert casual curiosity into paying clients
  • How to framework your knowledge into online educational assets optimized for passive income. Design eCourses around your strengths and self-made frameworks so students learn implementing your models gets results.
  • Evaluating and testing informational product ideas for maximum profitability without wasting months developing offers no one buys
  • Architecting checkout funnels, pricing tiers and irresistible offers engineered to sell
  • Getting traction with unconventional marketing leveraging “Influence Partnerships”, viral lead magnets, and affiliates so you profit without spending a fortune on ads
  • Optimizing landing pages to convert visitors into buyers primed to purchase premium programs
  • Templates and examples for crafting promotional assets that capture attention fast and sell services faster

If devoting decades to honing your craft has limited income potential…If you dream of leveraging hard-won expertise to change lives while earning an enviable living….it’s time to become the informational entrepreneur you were destined to be.
The $3000 Blueprint charts the path for codifying your life’s work into lucrative educational products, training programs and high-end coaching packages. Monetize your message without sacrificing integrity or quality. Serve thriving niches craving your wisdom while actualizing your right-livelihood.

You have life-changing wisdom to share. Transform lives (and life savings) by unleashing your most ambitious InfoPreneur dreams. Start revenues flowing by unlocking The $3000 Blueprint.