21 Ways to Create Healthy, Happy and Motivated Employee!: A Collection of Proven Strategies That Enhance Employee Productivity


SKU: 9781581126907
Author: Robinson, Mark
Publication Date: 02/01/2001
Publisher: Universal Publishers
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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American business is awakening to the growing importance of its “human capital”-the capabilities, knowledge, experience, wellness, and full potential of its people. In today’s increasingly knowledge-based economy, some companies have begun to realize that solutions lie in optimizing their return on investments in employee health by increasing worker productivity. Yet many employers do not realize the relationship of their employees’ health to corporate performance. While striving to contain the rising medical costs that put them at a disadvantage against global competitors, they are missing the competitive advantage to be gained from investing wisely in the health-and thereby, the productivity-of their work force.

This book was written to help employers create healthy, happy and motivated employees. You will gain the following benefits from this book: 1) increase your understanding of the vital connection between employees’ health and their performance, and 2) suggest strategies by which treating employee health as an investment can lead to greater business success.