18ACORNS BUJO and Productivity Guide for the Overwhelmed


SKU: 9781738192243
Author: VanderSluis
Publication Date: 01/24/2024
Publisher: Sqrl Friday Online Inc.
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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18ACORNS BUJO AND PRODUCTIVITY GUIDE FOR THE OVERWHELMED, Hard Cover, Medium 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 3-Month BUJO and 93-day Pomodoro Productivity Guide (HardCOVER, Matt Finish, not leather)You’re Not Squirrelly, You Are Just Juggling ALL of The Acorns!Are you the CEO (Chief EVERYTHING Officer) of your life, juggling countless responsibilities while dealing with the challenges of ADHD? Feel more than a little squirrelly? Welcome to your haven of sanity!

Introducing the 18ACORNS BUJO AND PRODUCTIVITY GUIDE FOR THE OVERWHELMED. This semi-structured bullet journal and productivity guide is your essential tool for conquering chaos. As a Solo-ADHD-Mompreneur, the creator of this guide has walked in your shoes, managing a household, running a business, and parenting while navigating life’s twists and turns. Like you, she has all the acorns to tend to daily. Frustrated by trying to remember how to set up a practical layout for her Bullet Journal, she devised the18ACORNS BUJO and Productivity system.

If you’re a bullet journal enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the flexibility to adapt this BUJO layout to any 300-page journal. This book serves as your structured reference, saving you precious time and effort to remember how to structure your bullet journal effectively. While this book was created as a guide, you can use it as a journal to test its efficacy in your life before you recreate it yourself in a blank journal. Many people choose this option.

In this book, you will learn how to create a unique journal layout is born from years of trial and error, infused with ADHD-friendly creativity, and designed to help you regain control of your proverbial acorns. Say goodbye to scattered notes and overwhelming to-do lists. With this BUJO system, you can find, organize, prioritize, and cultivate your proverbial acorns using the 18ACORNS SYSTEM and stay task-focused using the POMODORO Technique.

Notable features include:

  • A 3-month Layout– the perfect tool for starting fresh every quarter, ideal for individuals with ADHD who find new goal-setting and completion of a journal rewarding.
  • Pomodoro Daily Layouts for three months with full pages left open for daily note-taking
  • 54 pages dedicated to tracking your “18ACORNS” we discuss in the How-To Section

The 18ACORNS BUJO AND PRODUCTIVITY GUIDE FOR THE OVERWHELMED is more than just a solution to your bullet journal overwhelm; it’s your companion, confidant, and roadmap to mindfulness, intention, and a system that creates sustained productivity. Let it guide you as you prioritize and nurture the acorns that matter most in your life. Because from tiny acorns, mighty oak trees grow.