Trans/Nonbinary Books for Readers of All Ages (part 1)


A trans woman investigates that her Mennonite grandfather may have also been trans.
Follows the lives of trans women in the late ’70s.
Metafiction re-imagining the historical figure of thief Jack Sheppard as a trans man.

A queer trans woman navigates grief and memory.
First full-length novel from the author of Glamour Boutique, coming in January 2021.


Set in the ’90s, a shapeshifter who romances men and women in different bodies struggles to categorize their identity.
Horror novella — first in a series — set in a queer anarchist commune with a cast of diverse gender and sexual identities.
Fantasy set in a word where gender is not assigned at birth.
Re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes as Lovecraftian fantasy, and the “John Watson” character as a trans man.
Fourth installment of Lethe Press’s collection of transgender and genderqueer speculative short fiction.



Fantastical fiction with a trans heroine who is selectively verbal and uses ASL.
Twelve-year-old trans boy faces transphobia at home and at school.
Trans girl protagonist with a best friend who uses gender neutral pronouns.
A trans heroine moves through a fantasy world based on Jewish folklore.


Magical realism and romance between a cis girl and a trans boy.
Romance and revenge with a queer trans protagonist.
A trans lesbian teenager becomes her city’s greatest superhero.
A gay trans boy fights to be accepted into his family’s magical legacy.
Science fiction challenging gender and sexual norms, with intersex and nonbinary protagonists.
Nonbinary protagonist Ben (they/them) is kicked out of their parents house, has to deal with a new home and a new romance with a boy at school.
In this standalone companion to Not Your Sidekick, the trans guy villain get to become the hero.
A sweet contemporary romance between a trans girl and a cis boy.
A contemporary romance tackling drugs, abuse, and disorders featuring a romance between a trans boy and a cis girl.
When the trans protagonist decides to go “stealth” at his new school, he grapples with self-doubt and discrimination.