Queer Atlas Episode 3: Whatever the Opposite of a Hashtag Is Part 2 of 2

In the third episode of Queer Atlas we finish up our interview with Nicole and Nicole of South Street Art Mart, discussing the oat milk debacle that went down in April of 2021. We also talk about how individual artists negotiate the rules and algorithms of those corporations that own the platforms necessary for their continued existence. In the final segment, Leeb and Katharine discuss Assata Shakur’s biography, “Assata,” on her activism and escape from the United states, and the new queer fantasy “The Jasmine Throne” from Tasha Suri. 

Books Mentioned In This Episode:

Special Guests: Nicole Wiegand (Night Owl Designs) & Nicole Krecicki (Taped Off TV)
Hosted by Khalib Owen & Katharine Milon
Theme song “Inner City Tumbleweed” by Khalib Owen
Audio engineers – Khalib Owen, Alan Chelak
Research & Scripting – Katharine Milon
Created & Produced by Khalib Owen, Katharine Milon, and Alan Chelak