Zip Zero Impact Production


SKU: 9781418499747
Author: Offutt, Craig
Publication Date: 08/05/2005
Publisher: Authorhouse
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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For decades, people have written books intending to provide new concepts to industrial business. Unfortunately, most business books put us all to sleep while the author grins on the back cover as though he invented rocket science. The ability of a new business concept to sink or swim is its practical application. What makes us unique is how we apply those new concepts or theories to our daily business practices. Business has always been seen as a game, but it has changed over the past few years. Today it is global. So when any local manufacturer plans to compete for high stakes on a long-term basis, their vision must be worldwide. This simple book is a teaching tool for applying proven principles in an ever-changing industrial world. Read on and discover actual case results that support this approach to manufacturing at the lowest possible cost and instant delivery to the customer. “Ha!” you say, “Who can really do that?” We call our approach Zero Impact Production, or ZIP. ZIP (Zero Impact Production) Optimum design for manufacturing and assembly (yields best industry cost) Ordering and manufacturing flow system driven solely by customer demand Minimize new investments with little complexity Optimize existing assets Turn the page to find out how we achieved Zero Impact Production, or as one of our favorite Mexican clients says, “Go home and talk to Mr. Pillow.” It may lose a little something in the translation, but “go home and sleep on it” . better business practices lay ahead.