Your Blueprint for Maximizing Dental Office Productivity: Optimize your clinical practice efficiency, and make your dental office a fun, easy, and pro


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Author: Ahearn, David J
Publication Date: 01/04/2024
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Thousands of dentists across North America have transformed their practices by applying the lean productivity systems developed by Dr. David J. Ahearn and his team at Design Ergonomics, the nation’s leading independent dental office designer. Your Blueprint for Maximizing Dental Office Productivity is your roadmap to these systems, offering a variety of real-world solutions to streamline your organization and remove bottlenecks that slow production and create unnecessary stress. With this book, you’ll quickly understand that producing at a much higher level does not require that you or your team work harder.

What’s covered? Your Blueprint provides practical strategies and techniques to:

  • Streamline inventory and supply
  • Optimize scheduling
  • Increase clinical efficiency
  • Enhance team motivation and training
  • Renovate or build for an ideal clinical flow and patient experience

Whether you’re a 4-op specialist or a 20+ op multi-provider office, the strategies and systems shared here will help you markedly increase your practice efficiency and boost profit margins. Dentistry will be easier for you and your team, and your patients will be more comfortable, relaxed, and receptive to the exceptional treatment you provide.

If you are a dentist looking to take your current practice to new heights or are finally building the practice of your dreams, this book is your ultimate guide.